Alternative firmware (for almost all models)

  • Port of a firmware from other device.

    I'm not responsible for any kind of potential damage to your device.

    Version: 1.03.4140

    URL: Bitte melden Sie sich an, um diesen Link zu sehen.

    Supported devices:

    - Nook Glowlight Plus;

    - Nook Glowlight 3;

    - Tolino Shine 2 HD (4A2 / 4A3);

    - Tolino Shine 3;

    - Tolino Vision 3 HD;

    - Tolino Vision 4 HD;


    - install (using TWRP);

    - (when coming from other firmware) reset to factory defaults; // Wipe > Swipe to Factory Reset

    - clear dalvik-cache;


    - better stability (compared to stock fw);

    - convenient status-bar;

    Changes (against original firmware):

    - slimmed down the firmware by removing all trash;

    - pre-installed Simple Ink Launcher;

    - device-specific adaptation;

    Changes (1.02.4140):

    - added: buttons config for Nook Glowlight 3;

    - fixed: screen redraw issue in some apps (CoolReader, AlReader, FBReader, etc);

    Changes (1.03.4140):

    - fixed: disabled wi-fi auto switch-off after 10 minutes;

    - added: file manager - Bitte melden Sie sich an, um diesen Link zu sehen..

    - added: support for new devices - Tolino Shine 2 HD (4A2), Tolino Vision 3 HD, Tolino Vision 4 HD;


    Bitte melden Sie sich an, um diesen Anhang zu sehen.


    If you your wi-fi connection is unstable try to disabled "Wi-Fi optimization" (Settings -> Wi-Fi -> Advanced).

    From author:

    The only firmware that does not freezes completely in my usage scenario.

    Has feature not found in any other firmware - ability to adjust screen contrast.

    Has a dedicated button for screen refresh in status-bar.

    Looking for testers:

    - Tolino Vision;

    - Tolino Vision 2;

    - Tolino Vision 5;

    - Tolino Epos;

    - Tolino Epos 2;

    - Tolino Page 2;

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  • Tolino Shine 3;

    Ich habe es auf meinem Shine 3 mit 1 GB Data Partition nicht zum Laufen gebracht.

    Es bootet, zeigt kurz den Launcher und macht dann weiter mit den 3 Boot Punkten .......

    Und wenn ich unterbreche und neu starte, dann bleibt ... und nichts kommt mehr

  • Can you provide more info maybe?

    I have to setup calibre companion, and when trying to go deeper everything is mixed, so i cannot se anything.

    The screen of the higher level doesnot vanish and so the letters are mixed. I cannot explain it better.

    When trying to open the available android, I could see, that starting with Firmware Version 11 the refresh moved from OS into the Tolino App. Therefore I decided not to use a launcher and to move between apps with OneToucher.

    With FW 13, the "back/home" swyper moved into the Tolino app - which must run. These are the problems with Tolino Android.

  • Im not sure if it is a refresh problem. Perhaps this helps:


    When selecting

    Bitte melden Sie sich an, um diesen Anhang zu sehen.

    The result is

    Bitte melden Sie sich an, um diesen Anhang zu sehen.

    This looks like the old screen is not cleared before the new sreen is shown and the new screen is a mixture from old and new.

    And when going deeper, the next screen is merged too.

    "Back" clears only the last.

    Screen refresh doesnt help.

    This happens in every app which i have tested, when i must go deeper (one level down in setup), AlReader, Onleihe App, Total Commander, ....

    And it doesnt work together with sleep cover.

  • We'll see, maybe I'll be able to do something about it.

    At least, I was going to try to change that "refresh button" to use some other refresh mode.

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